Home school group leaders have a vital role in the lives of home school families. They plan activities and events, as well as address questions and concerns. Their leadership styles vary, but one thing is consistent—they love the families in their groups.

The THSC Leadership Support Team brings leaders together twice a year to pour back into you, just like you do for the families in your group. This year is no exception, as THSC has plans for building up a team of leaders who lead with enthusiasm!

The Texas Leaders Conference for home school group leaders is held in conjuction with the THSC Convention - in Arlington and The Woodlands.

The Texas Leaders Conference is ready to equip your leaders in 2017

Leaders will also break into small groups to take a closer look at your group’s bylaws and organizing documents to ensure that the vision and mission of your group is strong. The Texas Leader’s Conference is ready to prepare and encourage leaders for another great year.

How can you prepare to get the most out of this year’s Texas Leaders Conference?

Register for the Texas Leaders Conference when you register for one of this year’s THSC Conventions.

Do you have questions? Contact the Leadership Support Team at leaders@thsc.org
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