As if being a widowed, single homeschool mom is not difficult enough, can you also imagine having to flee your home to protect your children? This is exactly what happened to a Texas Home School Coalition member who called us looking for assistance.

She was originally living in another state when her in-laws began making moves that she was uncomfortable with to gain access to her two children. As a result, she fled the state to stay with relatives living in another state. During this time, her son disclosed to her that he had been sexually abused by the very grandparents who were trying to gain access to the children prior to the family fleeing the state.

This mother and her children eventually arrived in Texas in their continued efforts to stay away from their home and in-laws. Having nowhere else to turn, she and her children were taken into a church, which offered to house them temporarily until they could get on their feet.

Once the in-laws began sending probing text messages to the mother, she knew that she needed some assistance and guidance in order to help navigate everything. She feared that the in-laws might even use homeschooling as ammunition against her in order to gain access to her children.

Thankfully, she had become a member of Texas Home School Coalition. After talking with THSC’s customer relations team on the phone, she was referred to a THSC attorney for a custody consultation.

These custody consultations allow THSC members to speak with THSC’s attorney, who can offer specialized advice on custody issues and homeschooling. THSC’s attorney was able to give this mother advice on how to most prudently traverse the situation, especially with the in-laws.

Most notably, the custody attorney assured her that it was okay to not respond to the in-laws’ text messages and continue homeschooling, since she as the mother was the sole person who had the authority to make educational decisions for her children.

We believe that raising children is a family’s God-given right and calling. Don’t wait until you are in the midst of a custody situation where homeschooling is in question. THSC members can have confidence that their right to homeschool will be defended. Consider joining today!

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