Home School Moms work late! That’s why we’re available late . . .

Home school group leaders work hard . . . sometimes late into the night! Often, when I’m working late into the evening, updating a lesson plan or preparing something for my home school group, I wonder about all of the other dedicated Texas home school group leaders who could be, at that very minute, working tirelessly to make their own personal home school great, and still running a much-needed group to serve home school families in their area! Those are the times that I know you might need to access resources–day and night. In the past you had to wait for some information because almost everyone else was still asleep!

The wait is over! Texas Home School Coalition is pleased to announce that your leader benefits are now exclusively available to THSC Affiliated Home School Groups, no matter the hour! You now have a one-stop access point for your THSC Affiliated Home School Group Benefits.

We have added an exclusive page for your Leader Resources right on our website. As an affiliated home school group, you and your other board members have exclusive access to your group benefits. These benefits include access to affordable background check services, child protection training for your group, and group liability insurance that is otherwise difficult to place. If those aren’t enough, your affiliation with THSC allows your member families to save $20 on their annual THSC membership! Your username and password are ready to be sent to you when you register your group or complete your annual update. If you have updated using our online form in the calendar year 2016, your passwords have been emailed to your group.

Complete your group registration or update today!

Have you visited our site lately to see some of the exciting changes to our Home School Groups pages or our Group Leader Support pages? Some of the helpful features include:

One more thing . . .

I also want to share with you an opportunity to connect with leaders in your area at our Texas Leaders Conference. This engaging event has been prepared especially for you, as a home school group leader. THSC will also announce the award recipient for the 2016 North Texas (in Arlington) and South Texas (in The Woodlands) Leader of the Year. Don’t miss the 2016 Texas Leader’s Conference!

Did you know that THSC values home school families and home school group leaders? Would you consider joining THSC today to help us continue to provide great benefits to Texas home school families? Your membership helps us to continue Keeping Texas Families Free!