Recognizing Success of a Texas Home School Robotics Team!

We love to build things. More importantly, we love to tear things up! My boys have closets and drawers full of old parts to this and that. Electronics, legos, tools, wire, and metal–you name it and we probably have something at our house that will fit into it. I was recently made aware of a group of young adults who also enjoy building things. They are the members of the Robotics team, Error 404.

As a young team, they have exceeded expectations and fought hard for the opportunity to participate in the World Competition in St. Louis. It’s an honor to support a group of such dedicated and hard-working students. All of the students are members of the Gulf Coast Christian Home Scholars (GCCHS). Congratulations to each of you, and good luck in St. Louis!

To learn more about Error 404 and to offer support for their travel costs, see the information listed below.


Error 404, a home school robotics team with nine members (who all belong to GCCHS), has exceeded all expectations and will be advancing to the FTC World Championship where they will be competing against teams from all over the world including: France, Japan, Australia, United Arab Emirates, China, and Ecuador!

The team is only two years old and in addition to hard work, ingenuity, and outstanding leadership, being a home school team has definitely contributed to their meteoric rise. The opportunity, focus, and flexibility, in addition to the supportive and collaborative environment home schooling provides, has enabled this team to compete with and exceed beyond their well-funded and established public school counterparts in very short order.

In their first year they made it all the way to Regionals, which is unheard of for a rookie team. This year, they sailed through Regionals for a chance to compete last weekend against some tough competition from NC, SC, GA, FL, KY, TN, AL, MS, AK, LA, OK and other parts of TX in the South Super Regionals held in San Antonio. There, as the first place winners of the Think Award, they earned the 7th spot on the 24-spot World Championship advancement roster.

Although this is an amazing opportunity for both the team and the home school community, it comes with a very large and sudden price tag. For this reason, the team has started a Go Fund Me account hoping if enough people give even just a few dollars, we can put a dent in the cost and make this opportunity a reality for the team.

If you would like to support the team and help them prove that home schooling is not only a viable but outstanding option even in the STEM disciplines, please consider contributing to the fund. No amount is too small!

Error 404 Team Members
Cameron Host
Enrico Bernal
Gavin Engelbert
Joel Plew
Josh Phillips
Nick Belbas
Matt Pownall
Ryan Cummings
Samuel Charbula

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