Each election cycle, THSC vets and endorses dozens of candidates who are committed to protecting and advocating for homeschooling and family rights in Texas. This morning the last of the 2020 runoff results are being reported.

We and our members have found that some of the most powerful leaders elected each cycle are the men and women that serve in the state legislature in Austin. Oftentimes, the decisions made at the Texas Capitol can have even more of an impact on your family than the decisions made in Washington, D.C.

For this reason, THSC members urge others to vote in Texas House and Senate runoff elections. Runoff elections especially can have extraordinarily low voter turnout. Texas families have seen in the past that only a handful of votes can decide an election. 

Here is how some of the most pro-family and pro-homeschooling candidates fared last night in the runoff election.

4 Encouraging Wins for Families

In Northeast Texas, Bryan Slaton soundly defeated incumbent Representative Dan Flynn with over 61 percent of the vote for Texas House District 2. Bryan has committed to advocating for homeschool freedoms and family rights at the Texas Capitol if he wins the November general election.

Additionally, Carrie Isaac garnered over 64 percent of the vote to win the Texas House District 45 runoff. She will be moving on to the general election to determine who will represent the Central Texas district as she faces off against the incumbent in November. We looks forward to supporting Carrie and hope for a chance to work with her in the Texas legislature.

Last but not least, Cody Vasut in Texas House District 25 and Jacey Jetton in Texas House District 26 won their elections with over 69 percent and 52 percent of the votes respectively. Families can rest assured that voting for both of these men in November is voting for freedom for homeschool families! We congratulate each of these candidates on their successful victories!

3 Disappointing Losses for Families

A perfect winning season is almost never possible, and this is true for elections. Texas homeschool families experienced some losses after the polls closed last night. Unfortunately, Jon Francis lost his Texas House runoff election in district 60.

Additionally, while nearly every THSC-endorsed judicial candidate made it across the finish line in first place last night, James Lombardino and Tom Brummett both lost their judicial races.

While THSC wishes these races had different outcomes, we will always strive to work with the candidates elected by the people to advocate for homeschooling and family rights.

What Now?

Regardless of our successes and failures at the polls, we must always strive to elect leaders who will help us pass laws that will further homeschooling and family rights!

Here is what you can do now that we are past the primary runoff election:

  1. Commit to voting for pro-homeschooling, pro-family candidates in November when we vote in the general election. This will be a critical election for family rights!
  2. Encourage your friends and family to vote. Homeschool families in Texas are truly an army of voters and can help great candidates clinch victories.
  3. Pray. Pray for healing in this country and pray that upstanding and honest candidates running for families would be victorious in November.

Thank you for all that you are doing in Keeping Texas Families Free!

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