As of last night when the polls closed, months and months of work finally paid off for Texas families! THSC worked with volunteers all over the state who sacrificially gave their time to vet and interview candidates who were on the ballot for the 2020 primary.

Last night, Texas homeschoolers experienced victories statewide. It was a great night for pro-family candidates!

Victories for Homeschoolers and Families!

Homeschool families saw numerous pro-family candidates in Texas win their elections outright. Here are some of the top wins from last night’s election results.

In the Texas House of Representatives District 92 race, Jeff Cason won his election outright, collecting more than 54 percent of the vote and beating two other candidates. Jeff will be running in November to replace homeschool advocate and family rights champion Jonathan Stickland, who is retiring from the Texas House.

Homeschool dad and incumbent State Representative Briscoe Cain successfully fended off a primary opponent and won his primary election by a landslide, with over 79 percent of the vote. State Rep. Cain has been a strong supporter of homeschooling and family rights since his very first election.

Mike Schofield also defeated his opponent with over 53 percent of the vote in Texas HD 132. Mike has been a staunch supporter of the homeschool community for years and has strongly advocated for pro-family legislative reforms in past sessions. We will be fully supporting his general election campaign in November to take back the seat that he lost in the 2018 election.

The most impressive victory that homeschoolers witnessed last night was probably in Texas House of Representatives District 138. With over 59 percent of the vote, homeschool mom Lacey Hull won her three-way race in a landslide. Lacey is a strong supporter of and advocate for family rights.

What’s Next?

Primary elections are not always won outright in the first round. Several candidates endorsed by THSC are headed to the May 26 primary runoff election.

In Texas’s 22nd Congressional District, Kathaleen Wall is advancing to the runoff. Raul Reyes is also headed to the runoff election in Texas’s 23rd Congressional District. Pro-family candidate Bryan Slaton is facing off against incumbent State Rep. Dan Flynn in the runoff as well.

With 48% and 46% of the vote respectively, Carrie Isaac is headed to a runoff in Texas HD 45 and Jon Francis is advancing to a runoff in Texas HD 60.

Tom Brummett will also be moving forward to the May runoff election for the 140th District Court in Lubbock County.

You Can’t Win Them All

Unfortunately, you can’t win them all. Even though this was one of the best primary elections that homeschool families have witnessed in recent years, there were some disappointing losses last night.

Among these, the most notable were Aaron Reitz, who lost his Texas HD 47 race, and Rick Walker, who lost his Texas HD 102 election.

What Does the Future Hold?

We are praying that the momentum of THSC’s endorsed candidates, through outright wins and advancements to the runoff election, will propel the most pro-family and pro-homeschooling candidates to ultimate victory in the May and November elections.

Please pray for our elected officials and for the candidates running in the remaining elections this year. There is still work left to be done!