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Another foundational concept communicated in this history and
throughout Diana’s work is the idea of honoring and respecting the
children that God has given us. Each of us is created in the image of God
and is unique. Most likely, our children’s gifts are not the same as ours,
and the biggest challenge most parents face is that of appreciating the
differences in our children. Instead of being frustrated with those who
learn differently than we do, we must humbly respect them and discover
how God made them.
With that thought in mind, Diana has spent years studying how to reach
both the hearts and the minds of our children, and the results are
integrated into her curriculum. She has structured this history series
on the foundation of three approaches to learning, which are Four
Learning Styles, Three Learning Modalities, and Eight Intelligences.
The Four Learning Styles was developed by Myers-Briggs and is a
categorization of how each personality style learns best. The Three
LearningModalities (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) are the threemeans
that learners use to process and retain new information. Lastly, Howard
Gardner of Harvard University theorized the Eight Intelligences, which
are natural areas of talent that humans possess, beyond basic verbal and
mathematical skills. Diana explains these learning approaches clearly at
the beginning of the teacher guide so that the parent can discover her
child’s learning style, modalities, and intelligence and then begin gearing
education to meet her child’s God-given abilities.
History Revealed covers history from Creation to 1950 A.D. in three
separate packages. Ancient Civilizations covers Creation to Jesus Christ
(4004 B.C. to 29 A.D.). Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries covers the
Resurrection to the American Revolution (A.D. 30 to 1799), and the
soon-to-be-released World Empires, World Missions, World Wars will
cover from Napoleon to Korean Conflict (A.D. 1800 to 1950).
Each section of history year is divided into nine units, each requiring four
weeks to complete. Within the four weeks, each week is geared to one of
the four learning styles. For example, week one appeals to the “Feeler”
learning style. During this week the student listens to auditory recordings
and reads and discusses scriptures and history materials. Week Two
appeals to the “Thinker” by studying timelines, vocabulary, and research
projects. Week Three appeals to the “Sensor” learning style with art
projects, science experiments, mapmaking, etc. Week Four provides the
“Intuitor” learning style opportunities for creative expression through
drama, dance, poetry, etc. Students approach the history in each unit
from the four different learning styles, maximizing their understanding
and memory of learning.
The curriculum is a complete package designed for a year’s study.
It includes a hardbound teacher guide, a companion paperback student
text, and three history DVD sets. On the DVD sets, Diana narrates
captivating history stories, biographies, and church facts under the titles
of “What in the World?” “True Tales,” and “Digging Deeper.” For those
who want to administer tests, Diana has created a test kit, which has a
comprehensive test and answer key for each unit. Younger children can
follow along with the ancillary “Elementary Activity Book,” designed for
children grades K-4. It is a fun approach to studying history with recipes,
puzzles, Bible stories, crafts, and much more.
The beauty of History Revealed is its design, and I don’t mean its graphic
design, although that is professional and very pleasing. History Revealed is
masterfully structured for those who depend on a curriculum for detailed
direction, yet it allows freedom and creativity for those who tend to feel
trapped by structure. Additionally, families using this curriculum could
teach several children in varying grades concurrently. The first week of
each unit includes relevant reading lists from several grade levels. Families
can study together but complete different assignments relevant to each
student’s grade level and learning style. The curriculum meets the needs
of every learner and instills a joy of learning His Story.
Suzanne and her husband Brian have completed
fourteen years of home schooling and have
graduated both of their children from home
school. They serve in the home school movement
as board members of Idaho Coalition of Home
Educators. To contact Suzanne with any comments
or resources you would like her to review, email
her at
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