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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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May 2013 Leader Letter

Feature A Note from Kay

Taking the Good With the Bad

Growing a Garden of Good Policies

Kay Orr

What is that old saying? April showers bring May flowers. I have to say that spring is a glorious time around our house. I love the sound of the birds, the smell of the garden soil as I water our newly planted seeds, the warmth of the sunshine on my face, and the feeling of renewed energy brought to life by the gentle blooms of my favorite tree in the back corner of the pasture. What I don't care for is the mockingbird who suffers from insomnia and insists on singing at 1:45 in the morning, the mud that sticks to my favorite flip-flops when I have to move the hose in the garden, the occasional sunburn on my cheeks from an extended track meet, and the long trek to the tree in the back pasture to rake up the blooms once the leaves emerge. So what does all this tell me? I have to take the good with the bad.

The same thing applies to support group leadership. Policies are made and guidelines are set for the good of the group. These parameters are set by the group as a whole, the elected leadership, or by an advisory committee. Sometimes as the group dynamics change, so must the structure. What was once the water on a "garden" may have become "mud" for your membership. Spring is also a time of turnover in leadership for most support groups. Take time to do exit surveys and evaluate what went well and what needs to be changed in regards to existing policies. Finally, it is difficult to review and alter policies without gathering information first. What is our goal? What part of the policy are we looking to change? What other groups are doing this and doing it well? How have they accomplished this success?

This month's featured article, "How to Plan a Home School Graduation Ceremony" by Karen Ray, will give some ideas to those groups reviewing graduation policies this month. Yes, there are several groups reviewing their policies this month. Also included is a link to our online leader's guide.

Whether you are watering the garden of activities or scraping the mud off an outdated policy, remember that with showers come flowers and it is all sent from God.

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Leaders of the Year

Jamie Miranda

From balancing family with education to the perfect blend of social activity and life experiences, support group leaders are a special breed. This year's Support Group Leader of the Year is unlike any we have had before.

"She has devoted years to helping every home school family she knows. Everyone in our group talks about her generosity, how she goes over and above regular service to make our group a friendly and helpful place to meet and support one another."

Read more about our 2013 Leaders of the Year.

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How to Plan a Home School Graduation Ceremony

~ Karen Ray

Feature Feature


What goes into a successful Home School Graduation Day? Whether you have one student graduating or are planning for several, there are three main points to consider. Communication, delegation, and participation are all key to honoring your graduate and putting together a day that everyone will enjoy.

Finish reading this article.

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Upcoming Events


Hearth & Home Ministries - May 10-11
FEAST May 17-18
THSC Southwest Convention & Family Conference August 1-3

More details are available on the THSC Events Calendar.

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THSC Leaders' Guide


Making some changes? Renewing your structure? Defining goals? Use the THSC Leader's Guide to direct you.

THSC Leaders' Guide

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State Leadership Conference

State Leadership Conference

Mark your calendar for October 18 20 for this year's State Leadership Conference! Join THSC and keynote speakers Joe and Zan Tyler at beautiful Camp Copass in Denton for an unforgettable time of guidance and fellowship. You won't want to miss this fantastic opportunity!

For more information, please contact Kay Orr at leaders@thsc.org.

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