Support Groups

It is our goal at THSC to serve and work with the various home school support organizations throughout Texas, so that together we can help and encourage the home school community in our great state. Our goal is two-fold: to help individual families connect to groups in their area and to assist support groups and support group leaders so that together we will see the home school community in Texas thrive.

THSC encourages all home school families to join a local support group. Home school support groups are made up of family units in which parents teach their children at home. Local groups differ in many ways but are usually designed to provide various activities for home schooling families such as, field trips, co-op classes, support for mom, family events, sports, etc.

THSC Leaders' Guide


Looking for a support group in your area?

To find a local support group in your area, email our Leader Liaison, Kay Orr at Residents of the DFW Metroplex may contact their regional group, HEART of Texas. Residents of San Antonio may contact their regional group, FEAST.

Not sure if your group is considered a support group or a co-op? The THSC Support Group Definitions page provides a clear explanation for the following:

  • Local Support Group
  • Home School Club or Sports Association
  • Home School E-Mail Network
  • Home School Co-op
  • School Play Group
  • School Resource Center or University Model School

Affiliated Regional Groups are another type of support group. Regional groups provide services for local support groups. See the Affiliated Regional Support Groups page for more information.

Can't find your group? If your organization is not listed on the Texas Support Groups page, registration is easy. Complete the online registration form and begin enjoying the benefits of THSC group recognition today.